Sometimes each of us needs a little push to achieve a goal. Whether your goal is losing weight, learning to play an instrument, or even applying a more positive attitude towards life, motivation is certainly needed. A great reminder of the goals we made when the ball dropped and fireworks filled the sky is your very own custom wristband. Custom wristbands can reflect quotes from your favorite author, musician, or even your own clever mind. Here is Wristband Nation’s Top 5 Most Motivational Wristbands for the New Year. I certainly hope they help! 1. The workout wristband: Sweat more. B**** ...... More
 Our Free Wristband for the lovely month of January is our unquestionably adorable Evil Whale wristband. The Evil Whale is a 1”, 100% Silicone wristband, AND an incredible companion. The beautiful Cyan wristband features the ever goofy, totally huggable, Evil Whale along with his name (in case you didn’t know it). There is a reason why Mr. King calls the Evil Whale his bff. You should make him yours too! Visit: the requested information for an opportunity to win your very own! 
  Here we go again. Every year is the same thing. The New Year means new goals/resolutions. I am proud to say that in 2014 I actually executed a few of my resolutions. Did you? What goals did this Happy Blogger accomplish in 2014? Reading. Though I didn’t read as much as I would have liked. I did read a lot more books in 2014 than I have in previous years. Trying new things. For a creature of habit such as myself, trying new things does not come naturally. 2014 found me eating things like alligator and jumping out of perfectly good airplanes. Travel. I haven’t been able ...... More
  Team Wristband Nation loves to help. Whether we are participating in a walk against an illness, making monetary donations or providing discounts for pre-designed/custom wristbands, we always try to give back. 

Earlier this year, a lovely lady from Stomp Out Bullying contacted us regarding an event her organization was holding. She admired our Wristband Nation original Anti-bullying wristbands and wondered if there was anything we could do to help her organization. Of course, we were grateful to be invited to be a part of what the Stomp Out Bullying organization is trying to ...... More
  Today is certainly a day of celebration. Why? You ask. Well today is National Chocolate Covered Anything Day. To be honest, I am not exactly known for my super-duper healthy eating habits so I will certainly be indulging in a couple of chocolate covered treats today. But, of course, only to honor the holiday. While I spend my hard-earned cash on Chocolate covered raisins, almost, marshmallows, pretzels, strawberries, and apples, please check out our top weird things covered in chocolate. 1. Chocolate covered bacon: Some of you may ask yourselves: But why? The only answer I can give you is Why ...... More
We all have things that no matter what just make us feel better, even if it’s for a brief moment. I asked my Wristband Nation coworkers what normally pulls them out when they are stuck in a funk. To be honest, some of their answers were surprising, while others had me thinking, “Been there. Done that. Love it.” So without further ado, here are (in no particular order) 5 Random things that make us feel better. 1. Bubble Wrap – Classic! This is the best way to relieve stress. Concentrating on popping each bubble is like therapy. It is very relaxing and distracting. And for a few ...... More
  Most of the Wristband Nation staff rocked über casual, ultra-cool t-shirts today. Which got us thinking, how many people would actually recognize the characters on our shirts? OR even better, how many people can actually name the characters, specifically, the characters on the Super Mario shirt? So, we decided to make a contest out of it. If you guys are interested check out the contest information below. 1. What’s the prize?One Pre-Designed, Wristband Nation Original wristband: The Evil Whale. 2. Who wins?Top 5 people that correctly name all 10 characters on the Super Mario ...... More
 Our Free Wristband of the month for the December 2014 holiday season is our ever special, Android wristband.

The FREE ANDROID is a 1”, 100% Silicone wristband.It features multiple adorable little Androids scattered all over. The design is crowded and full of love. Hop on the Android bandwagon and wear your FREE wristband with pride.


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