Hey there,Have we told you lately how much we care for you? How much we appreciate you? How much we LOVE you?In case we haven’t, guess what. We care, appreciate, and LOVE you.And, whether you’re in a relationship or a single pringle, we’re here for you. You will always have Wristband Nation!Be ready for Valentine’s Day – the day of romantic AND platonic love – by placing your orders early.For the est. delivery by 02/14, it is recommended orders be placed by 02/05 (limit up to 6 wristbands per order, please). Also, it just so happens that Valentine’s Day coincides ...... More
Happy (Chinese/Lunar) New Year, guys and gals! Here's hoping that the year of the Rooster brings us a lot more joy and luck than the year of the (mischievous) Monkey. Let's face it 2016 was not an optimal year for many of us. All we can do now is take a deep breath, look forward, and step into 2017's Rooster year! 2017 is the Fire Rooster Year. One word to describes those born under the Fire Rooster sign is Reliable, Reliable, Reliable. But be weary dear roosters. The Chinese say that the animal of the year we are born is will bring us bad luck. Of course, I want to help! For luck, ...... More
Hello!It's time to focus on Wristband Nation's Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).We've been receiving many an inquiries from custom artwork and shipping to samples and production proofs. So, we wanted to take some time to address these topics for our current customers, site visitors, and potential clients!Today's segment is The FAQ's: Part 1. We will be addressing Wristband Nation's available Wristband Sizes, Colors, and Clip-ArtsLet's begin.SIZES, COLORS, and CLIP-ARTS Which Custom ...... More
Y'all tomorrow is probably the cutest, sweetest, warmest holiday. Tomorrow, January 20th 2017 is National Hugging Day - like we need an excuse! And, just because we're over here and you are over there, doesn't mean we can't give you some love. From us to you - FREE SHIPPING!! Whenever your ready, just use Promo Code Hugs&Pugs at check out. Promo Ends: 02/17  
 FOR THE SMALL TO MEDIUM SIZED BUSINESS OWNER, MARKETER, or ENTREPRENEUR custom products are a must-have to promote your business, event, or cause. It's an industry standard to attract new customers by making your brand known. One very viable and known-to-work product is the custom silicone wristband. Custom wristbands allow you color, size, shape, and personalization options so you can choose what fits your needs best. Two major lettering options are (1) Deboss-Only (2) Deboss + Ink Colorfill.  What's the difference between Deboss Silicone Wristbands and Colorfill Silicone ...... More
Day 10 of the new year! How many of you are still sticking to your be healthy, be fit, resolution? For those who are, CONGRATULATIONS! Keep it up!!For those who are not, COME ON! You got this. Get back on it. Do not give up! For both, it never hurts to get a little more motivation. Annnnnd, that's where we (Wristband Nation) come in. For the month of January, Buy One Get One free Sweat More. B*tch Less wristband. The Sweat More. B*tch Less wristband is a Wristband Nation one of a kind exclusive.  Everyone should have this bright yellow, attention grabbing, tough love ...... More
March 30th is Take a Walk in the Park Day. I am sure you’re asking yourself, why is that interesting? Well, the answer is more obvious than you may think. March 20th is the start of spring, by the time March 30th rolls around for some, no more freezing weather and no more snow. By March 30th Mother Nature gets her act together and we can all take a cool walk in the park. However, even though, this holiday is called Take a Walk in the Park Day, it doesn’t mean we can’t do a lot more. Such as, play catch with your dog or organized a picnic/BBQ.  And, spring is the perfect time to ...... More
Wristband Nation is introducing two NEW products to our silicone family.  We are now offering silicone Thumb Rings AND silicone Keychains. Both the silicone Thumb Rings and the silicone Keychains can come in Deboss, Deboss + Colorfill, and Screen Print imprint options. They are a neat and unique way to advertise your business, organization, or event. Added bonus they make terrific gifts and party favors! And, just like our silicone wristbands, our silicone Thumb Rings and silicone Keychains are 100% customizable. Make it your own by adding one of our standard clipart or your personal ...... More
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