Okay, so there is a high probability that the bulk of today's youth, which might be YOU, have never seen or touched a vinyl before. If anything, they would wonder why such a huge disc only holds an album of about 12 songs compared to a CD that is about the size of the label on the vinyl. That giant vinyl should have at least 4 gigs of memory!!! Well, what do you expect from a generation that has been spoiled with itunes and Pandora. This year, Record Store Day falls upon April 16th. Record Store Day is a holiday held every third Saturday in April to celebrate vinyl and the almost extinct record store. This is ...... More
I wish someone would paint my little toenails neon pink. I'm sort of middle aged, though, so that might not be so appropriate - or flattering. (I'm partial to a nice black gloss anyway).J. Crew Creative Director, Son, and Pink ToenailsAt first glance, it would be hard to imagine the incredibly immense media attention, controversy, and overall attack-and-defend craze that's been playing out since the Catalogue Ad from J. Crew was mailed out April 5th.The lady pictured is no other than J. Crew's Creative Director Jenna Lyons and her 5 year old son, Beckett. The nail polish, for those of you that are wondering, is ...... More
Thousands of bikers will saddle on to their rides this weekend for a cause. Over the course of two days, riders will endure an amazing 180 miles of pavement between Houston and Austin to help raise money for the BP ms 150 and the National Multiple Sclerosis Society. The scenic ride will take you through the hills of Texas as it begins in Tully Stadium in Houston and strolls through cities such as Bellville, La Grange, & Bastrop. After riding many strenuous miles, the cyclists will find the finish line in the Texas capitol - Austin, Texas.The MS 150 was originally a charity bike ride that began in 1980 in ...... More
Thank you to all who donated to DonorsChoose.Org this week.The Stephen Colbert / Jimmy Fallon Project was a success raising $63,448 in just a few days. (Original goal: $26,000)Watch Stephen Colbert Sing Friday (By: Rebecca Black) with The Roots! Today i-is Friday, Friday. We-we-we so excited We so excited. We gonna have a ball todayBelow is a clip from The Colbert Report. If you're asking yourself "Why? Why did this happen?" Check out our previous post: Stephen Colbert, Jimmy Fallon, and Rebecca Black?It's probably been said before, but we'll say it again - Thank Goodness It's Friday!Additional ...... More
Every year, about this time, the secret world leaders of fashion and design come together to tell us what new color schemes and stylized designs will please our senses. And We will act like robots that have fallen in love for the first time and buy them all up. Don't believe me? check it out for yourself - 2011 Color Forecast. Maybe with descriptions ranging from sultry to expressive to innocent, falling in love isn't so bad after all.Hope the new color wheel will at least make you smirk a little and whisper out, "coool" under your breath. I also hope it can help you design your next custom silicone wristbands - ...... More
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