Background: Customizable Wristbands, specifically custom silicone gel wristbands, became an iconic symbol of human caring and connectivity thanks to the introduction of the LIVESTRONG? bracelet back in 2004. Seemingly overnight, this bright yellow and 100% silicone wristband became a social and cultural phenomenon in the U.S. and beyond. Wide Array of Colors: Silicone WristbandsWristband Nation truly believes it is the combination of Creativity, Meaning, and Exposure that has propelled the success of the silicone wristband as an awareness and fundraising tool. It is one of the most effective, cost efficient, ...... More
[COMPASSION BRINGS HOPE TO JAPAN WRISTBANDS NOW AVAILABLE ON OUR BLOG & AMAZON]COMPASSION- noun : A feeling of deep sympathy and sorry for another who is stricken by misfortune, accompanied by a strong desire to alleviate the suffering. Japan: Compassion Brings HopeOut of the devastation in Japan, Compassion has brought hope. Hope to Japan from a common goal: to alleviate the suffering, to help the victims, and to rebuild Japan.Compassion for Japan Wristbands: BackgroundOne Artist in ParticularOn the day of the disaster, Lady Gaga was able to design and let loose her Prayer For Japan Wristband. A bracelet ...... More
Every decade, advancements in technology are made that bring about a whole new world of possibilities. Many people may not recall typewriters but they were around about 20 years ago. I remember my sister working on her school papers on a clunky type writer that made so much noise. That definitely ruined my after-school cartoons. Then came the advancements of personal computers which are moving towards extinction now. My first PC took up an entire corner of my room and would increase the temperature of my room by five degrees when turned on. It almost seems weird to me now juggling the three devices that run my ...... More
In the midst of tragedy, people often do whatever they can to help their neighbors in need. With the miracles of modern day, are neighborhoods are no long confined to definite borders. As the death toll reaches 300 due to the tornadoes and thunderstorms that ripped through the Southern region of the United States, those who have survived are struggling to pull what little they have left back together. A facebook page was recently created to help people who were affected by the Tornadoes. The page was named very simplistically, "Pictures and Documents found after the April 27, 2011 Tornadoes." The page has ...... More
Wristband Nation proudly supports all charities with the goal of creating a better world for everyone, and it seems Prince William and Miss Catherine Middleton have the same view as well. Wristband Nation would also like to spread awareness and help a variety of charities but we do not have the same influential power as the prince and future princess. This Friday, April 29th, the royal couple will not be thinking only of themselves - even though - it is their royal wedding day. Although it will be a very special day for them, Prince William and Catherine Middleton have done their best to share their joys with ...... More
Beware!!! Sony is afraid the hackers who have taken down the playstation network might have also stolen credit card information from its users. Sony has confirmed that hackers have disrupted the network that has affected millions of users worldwide. This has caused a slight panic in the gamer community. Yikes!!! The Playstation Network is used to play games online, shop online, and stream movies through Netflix. Satoshi Fukuoka, the spokesman for Sony computer Entertainment, stated the company was conducting a thorough investigation. The Network has been down since April 20th and has caused an increase in ...... More
Aaron Carter with NOH8 Wristband NOH8 has to do with the proposition 8 that was passed in California. This proposition amended the state constitution to ban same sex marriages. After this act, small communities throughout the United States became inspired to promote this change to create a better world.Adam Bouska is the photographer behind the NOH8 campaign. It was created with the purpose of being a silent protest to bring attention to the topic of gay rights. The campaign has gained notoriety with its iconic message. NOH8 can be recognized by its strands of continuity throughout the photographic campaign. ...... More
The name of the Star here is Cookie and is a "Little Penguin" and the mascot of the Zoo Bird House.The last Viral Star of the week was Rebecca Black and her now internationally infamous YouTube Video and Song "Friday". Now, the internet has brought another star. This one a bit shorter, some would say - a bit cuter, and oddly addicting. We say they should've cast this Cookie in the March of the Penguins!Meet Cookie, the Giggle Penguin from the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Gardens. The director of this little shoot is said to be Patricia Sund, a flight attendent living in Florida (and who also write the blog ...... More
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