Wristbands are a great way to get your company, charity, event, or brand noticed. Wristbands are a sure fire way of getting your name out there.I have listed our top 3 Reasons Why Wristbands are a Great Form of Promotion.1. Exposure - Wristbands aren't one of the most favored promotional items on the planet for no reason. They are a great way to display your company, charity, event, or brand. A person wearing a wristband with your artwork/message could possibly reach more people than a commercial ad. I mean, look what the LIVESTRONG wristbands did for cancer research.2. Design - Thanks to very talented Graphic ...... More
Wristband of the week comes with some sound advice. Be yourself, stay yourself. It's hard to remember that the best you to be is the you that you already are.Sit back and let the world fall in love with you!
Thank you for the selfless servitude.Thank you for he endless sacrifices.Thank you for being heroes.Happy Memorial Day!
Yesterday was Monday therefore today is Frida... Oh no... wait... (sigh) it's only Tuesday.Eh. Whatever. It's still a good day.Happy Tuesday to all!
Aww Original Website, we miss you. But, only a little.We still hold our original website design dear and near.However, our new site has some really neat features such as, the magnifying glass and the Fully Customizable options.Check it out! http://wristbandnation.com/
In honor of this ULTRA cool wristband made by one of our very creative customers, I present you Top 3 Beards EVER (in no particular order) - or at least that I have seen today. Enjoy.1. From a Book of Beards. LEGENDARY. - All proceeds from the book go to help the creator's friend as well as the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.2. No back story that I know of, just Awesome.3. Incredibly well groomed + points for having a smiling mustache!Beards are cool. I am a girl so I don't and can't have one but I can definitely appreciate a man that does. Happy bearding guys!
It's Monday.Don't forget to refuel!Coffee, energy drink, a bucket of sugar.Do what you have to do to make it through the day!Or do like me, mix ALL of the above.
Happy Mother's Day ladies. Have fun, RELAX, and let everyone else do the work!1. Day of Spa - Mom's are ALWAYS active. What with the cooking, cleaning, working, carpooling etc. A day at the Spa would be heaven sent. A mani and pedi. A scalp and back massage. I can already see mom relaxing.2. Shopping - Everyone loves to shop. It actually helps the body produce endorphins (the good feels). It is a great way to relieve daily stress.3. Brunch - Food and quality time. If you're adult kids, like my brother and me, you can treat your mother to some Mimosas and fun conversation.4. Movies - My favorite. Summer is near ...... More
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