Happy Friday everyone. We hope all of you have a safe and fun weekend.We love you!
Me: I am a Ninja.Mom: No, you are not.Me: Did you see that?Mom: See what?Me: Exactly. *whispers* Ninjaaaa
I love I love Boobies wristbands because I love my boobies!
Less Taco Tuesday. More Burrito Wednesday. Now, let's take a nap!
Wristbands are a great way to get your company, charity, event, or brand noticed. Wristbands are a sure fire way of getting your name out there.I have listed our top 3 Reasons Why Wristbands are a Great Form of Promotion.1. Exposure - Wristbands aren't one of the most favored promotional items on the planet for no reason. They are a great way to display your company, charity, event, or brand. A person wearing a wristband with your artwork/message could possibly reach more people than a commercial ad. I mean, look what the LIVESTRONG wristbands did for cancer research.2. Design - Thanks to very talented Graphic ...... More
Wristband of the week comes with some sound advice. Be yourself, stay yourself. It's hard to remember that the best you to be is the you that you already are.Sit back and let the world fall in love with you!
Thank you for the selfless servitude.Thank you for he endless sacrifices.Thank you for being heroes.Happy Memorial Day!
Yesterday was Monday therefore today is Frida... Oh no... wait... (sigh) it's only Tuesday.Eh. Whatever. It's still a good day.Happy Tuesday to all!
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