Friday, January 27, 2017
2017: Year of the Rooster

Happy (Chinese/Lunar) New Year, guys and gals!


Here's hoping that the year of the Rooster brings us a lot more joy and luck than the year of the (mischievous) Monkey.


Let's face it 2016 was not an optimal year for many of us. All we can do now is take a deep breath, look forward, and step into 2017's Rooster year!


2017 is the Fire Rooster Year. One word to describes those born under the Fire Rooster sign is Reliable, Reliable, Reliable.


But be weary dear roosters. The Chinese say that the animal of the year we are born is will bring us bad luck.


Of course, I want to help! For luck, wear gold, brown, or yellow and don't head east!


As for the rest of us, the Year of the Rooster seems promising. Of course, no year is perfect. 


But, it's always good to enter everything with caution and optimism.


And, if you're looking for some luck this Chinese New (Lunar) Year remember, the Chinese believe there is not luckier color than red.


And, wouldn't you know it, Wristband Nation has a wristband in the most beautiful shade of red.


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Lastly, whether you believe in the Zodiac or Horoscopes or not, it is always best to do your own research. Especially since this happy blogger is not an expert. 

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