Wednesday, February 1, 2017
February: American Heart Month

February is the month of love. The month of candy hearts and taking care of our real hearts.


Here's are few tips for maintaining a healthy heart:


  • Eat Healthy. Foods rich in Omega-3s and Fiber.
  • Keep stress to a minimum. Might I suggest meditation?
  • Rest up. This doesn't mean sit on the couch like a potato. It means, SLEEP!
  • Keep Active. Move, move, move. Do whatever exercise you enjoy and gets your heart pumping.
  • Avoid second-hand smoke. Cigarettes are bad all around. Does you no good to be around them.


Wristband Nation promotes an active and healthy lifestyle at work and home. Every member of our staff stays active by hiking, biking, and hitting the gym.


We find true motivation in each other and in the Wristband Nation Exclusive Sweat More. B*tch less wristband.


If you guys and gals are looking for a gentle push, feel free to get your own here: 


And remember, this year February 6 is American Heart Association's National Wear Red Day. THE PERFECT TIME to rock a red wristband to show your support of the cause.


So take advantage of our 20% OFF red merch and/or red custom wristband offer. Through the month of February, enter PROMO CODE RedHeart at check out and get your discount. 

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