Today is National Honesty Day!Now, being honest doesn't mean being mean.Remember to be true to yourself without hurting someone else.Keep in mind more often than not, honesty is the BEST policy!
We all become stressed sometimes. What matters is how we handle that stress and what we do to rid ourselves of it. I hope y'all find the list I have compiled useful. If you have any suggestions of your own for relieving stress, I would LOVE to hear it!1. Exercise - Exercise is great for relieving stress because of MANY reasons. Consistent exercise can provide a confidence boost. Also, it's a great way to increase the production of endorphins, which give us the good feels.2. Meditate - Meditation is great. All you need is 10 minutes a day to build a new perspective, have self-awareness, and let go of the ...... More
Today is Kiss Your Mate day!One of my favorite holidays, which I didn't know existed.Now do like these bunnies and show your mate some love!
What is better than Friday?This picture of an elephant and a penguin, wishing you a Happy Friday!Have a fun and safe weekend. And, REMEMBER to wear your wristbands!
Happy Administrative Professionals' Day. You are all very much appreciated!We, here at Wristband Nation, know we couldn't function with out you.Take the day off, catch some rays, and maybe even take a cat nap.Disclaimer: Wristband Nation does not actually have the authority to give the day off to those not employed by us.~Kimmy
Today is a very important day indeed. It is Earth Day!Today we should pamper Mother Earth.It's really easy! Just recycle, turn off the lights and faucets, switch from plastic water bottles to glass bottles.DO YOUR PART.For more things we can do to help, check out last year's Earth Day blog: 13 Things to do on 2013 Earth Day!Happy Earth Day everyone! Go Green :)
Have fun this Easter weekend!Eat sweets and make memories with family and friends. Also, while you're at it, enjoy this cute bunny rocking this tiny backpack.
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