Team Wristband Nation loves to help. Whether we are participating in a walk against an illness, making monetary donations or providing discounts for pre-designed/custom wristbands, we always try to give back. 

Earlier this year, a lovely lady from Stomp Out Bullying contacted us regarding an event her organization was holding. She admired our Wristband Nation original Anti-bullying wristbands and wondered if there was anything we could do to help her organization. Of course, we were grateful to be invited to be a part of what the Stomp Out Bullying organization is trying to ...... More
  Today is certainly a day of celebration. Why? You ask. Well today is National Chocolate Covered Anything Day. To be honest, I am not exactly known for my super-duper healthy eating habits so I will certainly be indulging in a couple of chocolate covered treats today. But, of course, only to honor the holiday. While I spend my hard-earned cash on Chocolate covered raisins, almost, marshmallows, pretzels, strawberries, and apples, please check out our top weird things covered in chocolate. 1. Chocolate covered bacon: Some of you may ask yourselves: But why? The only answer I can give you is Why ...... More
We all have things that no matter what just make us feel better, even if it’s for a brief moment. I asked my Wristband Nation coworkers what normally pulls them out when they are stuck in a funk. To be honest, some of their answers were surprising, while others had me thinking, “Been there. Done that. Love it.” So without further ado, here are (in no particular order) 5 Random things that make us feel better. 1. Bubble Wrap – Classic! This is the best way to relieve stress. Concentrating on popping each bubble is like therapy. It is very relaxing and distracting. And for a few ...... More
  Most of the Wristband Nation staff rocked über casual, ultra-cool t-shirts today. Which got us thinking, how many people would actually recognize the characters on our shirts? OR even better, how many people can actually name the characters, specifically, the characters on the Super Mario shirt? So, we decided to make a contest out of it. If you guys are interested check out the contest information below. 1. What’s the prize?One Pre-Designed, Wristband Nation Original wristband: The Evil Whale. 2. Who wins?Top 5 people that correctly name all 10 characters on the Super Mario ...... More
 Our Free Wristband of the month for the December 2014 holiday season is our ever special, Android wristband.

The FREE ANDROID is a 1”, 100% Silicone wristband.It features multiple adorable little Androids scattered all over. The design is crowded and full of love. Hop on the Android bandwagon and wear your FREE wristband with pride.


Enter the requested information for a chance to win your FREE wristband!
   Cyber Monday is here and this is one heck of a sale!Because we love you, Cyber Monday 2014 brings you 40% OFF of your wristband.Discount is applicable for up to 1,000 of either/both of our custom wristbands AND/OR our pre-designed merchandise.Please use Coupon Code:  40%<3WBN 
 It’s that time of year again, folks. Black Friday is here! And at Wristband Nation we definitely want to contribute to the awesome specials this year. WHAT SPECIAL IS WRISTBAND NATION HAVING FOR BLACK FRIDAY?25% OFF all Custom and Pre-Designed Wristbands and Merchandise!Beginning 11/28/2014 12:01AM EST. Promo Code: 25%<3WBN For custom designs, we offer a bangin' selection of wristband colors, ink colors, clip-arts, and fonts to choose from. Don't forget, the 25% OFF Black Friday Deal is good not only for 1 product, but for any product up to 1,000 pieces. That means if you've been ...... More
 Happy Gobble Gobble day, y’all!

Wristband Nation and staff hope very much that all of you had a safe, warm, delicious food-filled Thanksgiving Day. And please know that we are very grateful to each and every one of you. Not only for choosing us for your wristband needs but because you have shared with us the lovely stories behind your very creative wristbands. We are excited for all future interactions we may share.

We asked some of you as well as the Wristband Nation staff, what are you are grateful for. Each answer placed a smile on our faces. Enjoy! 

“I am grateful ...... More
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