Earth day is here! The perfect opportunity to celebrate motherEarth. Many of us don't think about the long-term effects that our presence onEarth has on the land and other creatures. We should take more precaution andextend our Don't Mess with Texas attitude to the whole world. It is smart to beaware that even if our generation is not affected, our children and our children'schildren will be. I know what you are thinking "What can I do? How can I help?"lucky for you I have a few suggestions!
Gravity's Revenge: The Rolly Chair PrankIt's the 2 days after April Fool's Day and my coworkers thoughtthe pranks were over.Muahahahahahaha...FOOLS!It's far from over! I understand why people loved prankingme in the past. Pranking is such a thrill.Here's a bonus prank from me to you.Prank 101: Never DropYour Guard!I was upset that I only truly got Jess once. So I decided togo for a 2nd round. In this prank the prankee feels the injustice that isgravity.The Tools: Rolly ChairBrute ForceUnsuspecting Prank VictimNOTE:This prank could be dangerous. Place rolly chair away fromsharp and blunt objects.Make sure you DO ...... More
DUN! DUN! DUN! *Dramatic Theatrical Music* April Fool's Day is here. How fun!Today's Prank from the Wristband Nation team and yours trulyended up in a bit of an office prank war.Prank 101: InstantPay Back.This Prank is one of Jess's, the queen of pranks, original. Somehow, when all was said and done LeTuna and I were at the receiving end and Ms. Jess once again made it out scotfree!The Tools:LotionOffice PhoneTapeUnsuspecting Prank VictimThe Attack of theLotion PrankStep 1:Keep a look out for a point in time when the prankee leavesthe office. Immediately go to their desk. You never truly know when they'll beback ...... More
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