The Shadow Mouse Prank.FIVE days tillApril Fool's Day! FIVE days till allhell breaks loose! On April 1st we will unleash all of the pranking we'vetucked in all year long. Ha-Ha just kidding! None of us can wait that long toprank our friends, family, coworkers or strangers. At least I can't.Today's prank victim is my friend and boss lady, Abby. Don'tby any means believe that she is an innocent! DO NOT be fooled by her pleasant andcomposed outer shell - she is utterly evil.I will not divulge all of her antics- I do not have the time. Let's justsay she loves hiding in random places AND she is patient enough to wait ...... More
Le Derp Mouse Killer PrankApril Fool's Prank Week, fool of the day? Me, yup, ME! I want youguys to know that I wasn't lying when I said that I am usually the target of mypsychotic prankster friends and coworkers. Maybe psychotic is a little strong.That being said, you should know that the things they've done in the past rangefrom hiding behind doors to turning my desk upside down. Today's prank is brought to you by Mr. Le. This prank isgenius because of its simplicity. Prank 101: TimingThis prank was surprising. Why? Because, at the same time, it seemed spontaneousand well planned. Who knows how long he's had ...... More
The Candle Trap PRANKApril Fool's Day is right around the corner! Next Monday tobe exact and this year I'm going to have some fun. It's great to work in aplace where everyone has a very understanding and creative sense of humor.Every day at Wristband Nation is prank day. Why wait for April Fool's Day?The biggest prankster we have in our office is one of our newest Customer Service Representative, Jess. There have been a multitude of pranksshe has done to each and every one of us. Because of this, I felt it was myright...NAY! My duty to teach her a lesson. Lucky for me, Jess has Thursdays off- unluckyfor her, I ...... More
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