HAR HAR HAR! Some say laughter is the best medicine. And I must not be theonly one that believes this to be true.Today (January 24th) is Global BellyLaugh Day. I love that there is a holiday celebrating my favorite activity todo. Let's learn a little more about Global Belly Laugh Day:Bellman Elaine Helle says that "Belly Laugh Day is about more than just jokes". The essence of Belly Laugh Day is to bring joy and to helpthose who are stressed to chill out. Smiling at a stranger could change theiroutlook and transform their entire day.At the clever time of 1:24 pm (local time), globally everyonetakes a break from ...... More
Who Was Martin Luther King Jr.?Martin Luther King, Jr. was born January 15, 1929,to Michael King, Sr. and Alberta Williams King. King graduated high school at the tender age of 15. He received his bachelor's degree in Sociology from Morehouse College in 1948. In the same year Dr. King became assistant pastor of Ebenezer Baptist Church, (thesame church his father and grandfather pastored) and later became co-pastoralongside his dad from 1960 till his death in 1968. King continued hiseducation receiving his B.D (Bachelor's of Divinity) in 1951 from CrozerTheological Seminary, and received his Doctorate in ...... More
For more info on Don't Text & Drive contact sales@wristbandnation.comA car is a machine that we control. We forget the power wehave when we sit behind the wheel, change gears, and step on the accelerator. Weforget that we are responsible for more than just ourselves. The decisions wemake behind the wheel could impact more than just a light post or a fire hydrant.With one bad decision, like looking down to check a message from your bff, youcould end a life. We do many things while driving, texting should not be one ofthem.THE (THUMB) BANDTXT L8TER Don't Text and Drive Wristband Nation created the Don't Text ...... More
A new year could mean many things. It could be a freshstart. It is the perfect time to let go of anything that holds us back. We cantry new things without worrying about past mistakes. We could become moredaring or apply ourselves to goals that once seemed unattainable. A new yearmeans a lot to some and I hope that this one is a great one for us all.This new year 2013 I hope to rid myself of bad habits from eatingpounds of sugar to second guessing my gut.Keeping with tradition some of myco-workers and I have made a list of NewYear's resolutions we hope to keep:Travel- Even if it's in your own city, there are ...... More
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