On March 31, 2011 at 8:30, Aliens will arrive on Earth. LOCK YOUR DOORS!!! image by tabtoons.netJust kidding... Once again, Wristband Nation is ecstatic to join the millions of people around to world striving to make a better future. Earth Hour is an inspiring program with a simple message: that one simple coherent act can make a big difference. In 2011, people in over 135 countries participated by switching off their lights. This may not seem like to big deal to some, but it has the definite power to encourage and arouse awareness throughout the nations. We will definitely be honored to be a part of ...... More
St. Patrick's Day!!!image by ideaphotos.com Green. Green? Green! I hope you have your green attire ready because St. Patrick's day is here. This is a holiday that tends to bring out the crazy side of people. Some may be covered in green from head to toe and some like to be a bit mysterious. This year, I've decided to be somewhere in between with my green android wristband and leprechaun hat. Many people celebrate this day without even knowing much about the origin of the holiday. So today, let's make a conversation starter list of 6 things you didn't know about St. Patty's Day.ANDROID WRISTBAND!St. Patrick's ...... More
American Red Cross Monthimage by redcross.org 70 years ago, March was proclaimed as Red Cross Month. The Red Cross is an international humanitarian organization with nearly 94 million volunteers worldwide. It is widely respected because of its creed to protect all human life and health regardless of race, religion, or political beliefs. The Red Cross Organization can be counted on every time disaster strikes. Last March, an earthquake and tsunami struck Japan. Chaos was left in its aftermath. The American Red Cross was able to provide hundreds of millions of dollars towards offering relief and recovery. ...... More
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