December is not only a month filled with sweet joyfulholidays. It is a month of awareness, it is a time to educate ourselves andothers on a disease with no cure and many victims. December is Aids Awarenessmonth.In a former blog, we informed you of the origin of thedisease and defined it. We also tried to provide you with a better understanding ofthis horrible attack on human lives. In this blog I will try to put a face tothe disease. I will show you ways to help the fight against aids and give you somefaith in science.A REMINDER:What is AIDS?AIDS- (Acquired immune deficiency syndrome)Is the final stage of HIV ...... More
Food, food, FOOD, FoOd!!! What is better than a holiday thatrewards us with free candy? A holiday that gives us pie and leaves us with warmmemories of those we love the most. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!! Time tochow-down, to gather around the table, and give thanks for all we have.The History ofThanksgiving in the USThe real history of Thanksgiving is debatable, but the mostpopular version is the one we learned as kids. The Pilgrims (Puritans) migratedhere to escape religious oppression in England and the "immoral" behavior andpoverty in Holland. They came to the US, specifically Plymouth (Massachusetts),on the ...... More
We are not saying we want to rule the whole-wide world, but weare okay with maybe 30 million acres of it -fornow. November's wacky holiday is Startyour own country day. This holiday is like the whip cream to our sundaes. Areal Wristband Nation nation! Could you picture the possibilities?History of theHolidayWe searched and searched, but we could not find much aboutthis spectacular holiday. According to the interweb, all we need toknow about this holiday is that it began at the World's Fair circa 1939 and itis celebrated on November 22nd. As you may know, November 22nd this year is also Thanksgiving. So ...... More
People have always said, a penny for your thoughts, but,as time passes and we grow older we come to realize that thoughts are worth muchmore than a penny. Memories are whatshape us. It is something that we all value. Here at Wristband Nation, we are doing our part to create awareness and fight against Alzheimer's Disease. We know and understand that Alzheimer's can be acruel disease. It can capture our loved ones, sometimes leaving us with their shell, astranger who doesn't recognize us. We are proud to have designed and created an Alzheimer's Awareness Wristband, participated in the Walk Against Alzheimer's, ...... More
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