BOO!!!! It's the day of tricks, treats, and costumes. A dayof make believe and adventures. It's getting to know your neighbors, hangingout with your friends and stealing your little brother's candy. Needless to say (but I'll say it anyway): TODAYIS HALLOWEEN!! Let's learn a little about the holiday that refuses to grow up.The History of All Hallows' Eve:When it began, Halloween wasn't much like it is today. Ithad some of the same traditions, but they were executed for much differentreasons. It was not a fluffy holiday, to say the least. Halloween was actuallycelebrated on November 1st. It was the Celtic version ...... More
OCTOBER IS: Anti-Bullying MonthBullying Prevention Month / Bullying Awareness MonthSticks and stones may break my bones but words could never hurt me. That's not always true. Some words can be sharper than knives and some hit harder than a bulldozer. October is officially Anti-Bullying Month and to honor the efforts made by people promoting acceptance and school safety has created a one of a kind wristband. The wristband is original, it is beautiful, it is strong, it is resilient, and it takes a stand, just like the person wearing it.Bullying is a serious matter and it is crucial to take a ...... More
OCTOBER IS: Breast Cancer Awareness Month Ninth grade was when school started getting serious. It was when every teacher started preparing us for college. That year I had to write my first thesis. I chose to write about breast cancer. Breast cancer was an undeclared fear that I had from a very young age and I wanted to use writing that thesis as an excuse to educate myself more on a subject that has disturbed more than half the earth's population. To fight an opponent and win you must first know your enemy. All cancers are tricky and Breast Cancer is not the exception.I've compiled some information on Breast ...... More
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