Here at Wristband Nation, we like to find ways to ease the stress at work. The workload is often great when we have to create thousands of good looking wristbands. We juggle many factors and strive to consistently produce excellent products and provide extraordinary customer service. So we like to take a moment every once and a while to enjoy the small things in life. This January 24th, we ask you to celebrate Global Belly Laugh Day with us. At exactly 1:24pm on your local time on this day, you could help celebrate the fifth anniversary of Global Belly Laugh Day. Elaine Helle is the founder of ...... More
image from For those of you who may not know,Chinese New Year is arriving fast. Sometimes reffered to as the Lunar New Year,this fifteen day festival is the longest and most important celebration on theChinese calendar. It marks the end of winter according to the moon cycles andbrings it the start of Spring for most regions of China. The Lunar New Year is more of apolitically correct term because many countries and cultures celebrate thisholiday. This includes Vietnam, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, and this listcould goes on and on. 2012 will be the year of the Dragonaccording to the ...... More
'kaguya: aokaki' by riusuke fukahori ? dominic alves Wristband Nation is constantly searching for inspiration and creativity when creating each of our products. Although we have yet to make a wristband that would make Picasso or Van Gogh proud, we will continue to push our imaginations to make wristband art. Who knows, perhaps a wristband museum will open up one day.Image by ICN gallery This Month, Riusuke Fukahori has caught our eyes. Riusuke Fukahori is a Japanese artist who has brought his art to life using a unique medium. The amount of detail and depth within each piece of art he has created ...... More
The technology industry is buzzing right now over SOPA and PIPA, two controversial anti-piracy bills. These bills could redefine the internet and how we access information as we know it.SOPA stands for the Stop Online Piracy Act. It is a bill that will restrict access to sites with potential copyright infringement. It will target "rogue" websites overseas to prevent illegal downloads. SOPA plans to stop major sites such as Google and EBAY from allowing their services to these overseas organizations.image from conservativedailynews.comThe 1998 Digital Millennium Copyright Act has already made copyright ...... More
David Bowie + Tim Tebow = Tebowie Jimmy Fallon has created another viral video hit this past Thursday. Fallon often does musical parodies on his show, Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. In his last musical wonder, Fallon united with long time friend Stephen Colbert to raise money for charity.. They sang a beautiful rendition of one of 2011's worst songs, Friday by Rebecca Black. This time, the magical gods of musical parody have merged Quarterback Tim Tebow of the Denver Broncos with rock legend David Bowie. This love child has been dubbed the name of Tebowie. The song is a parody of Bowie's video: Space ...... More
Image Courtesy of CESweb.orgAttention all technology geeks!!! Once again, the CES is bringing in the New Year with a swarm of electronic advancements. The annual convection is held every year at the Las Vegas Convention Center and always promises to shape consumer trends for the rest of the year. The convention allows for companies to display and showcase their newest products to the rest of the industry. Sadly, the convention is not open to the public. But that won't stop us from taking a glimpse into the world of futuristic gadgets and next generation gaming.Photo by Jaymi HeimbuchHow CES Came To BeThe CES was ...... More
We bring in the New Year 2012 with a recommendation: Arm yourself with wristbands that say "Behave Beehive!" (make it glow-in-the-dark for extra power).Did you know - African Killer Bees were of the man-made variety? In 1956, the species of honeybee was brought to Brazil in order to develop a breed that could produce and survive in tropical regions. The development of the newly Africanized Honey Bee was a success well beyond expectations. But there were some things we were unprepared for - the hives keep getting bigger and meaner. Because these bees have no natural predator to keep their numbers in check - they ...... More
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