Is it about time to get started on those Party Invitations? Don't worry, we're here to make it quick, easy, and painless.Hand-given Flyers, mailbox Card Invitations, E-vites, Text Messages - these are all good, well, and dandy forms of Party Invitations but they are also standard, common, and predictable. By no means are these forms of Party Invites "bad". It's natural, however, to have the need for something more. Perhaps, something that expresses creativity and individuality (without the cost of sanity). Yes, even in a party invite. Party invitations are more than just a list of the time, place, and dress ...... More
Background: Customizable Wristbands, specifically custom silicone gel wristbands, became an iconic symbol of human caring and connectivity thanks to the introduction of the LIVESTRONG? bracelet back in 2004. Seemingly overnight, this bright yellow and 100% silicone wristband became a social and cultural phenomenon in the U.S. and beyond. Wide Array of Colors: Silicone WristbandsWristband Nation truly believes it is the combination of Creativity, Meaning, and Exposure that has propelled the success of the silicone wristband as an awareness and fundraising tool. It is one of the most effective, cost efficient, ...... More
[COMPASSION BRINGS HOPE TO JAPAN WRISTBANDS NOW AVAILABLE ON OUR BLOG & AMAZON]COMPASSION- noun : A feeling of deep sympathy and sorry for another who is stricken by misfortune, accompanied by a strong desire to alleviate the suffering. Japan: Compassion Brings HopeOut of the devastation in Japan, Compassion has brought hope. Hope to Japan from a common goal: to alleviate the suffering, to help the victims, and to rebuild Japan.Compassion for Japan Wristbands: BackgroundOne Artist in ParticularOn the day of the disaster, Lady Gaga was able to design and let loose her Prayer For Japan Wristband. A bracelet ...... More
Every decade, advancements in technology are made that bring about a whole new world of possibilities. Many people may not recall typewriters but they were around about 20 years ago. I remember my sister working on her school papers on a clunky type writer that made so much noise. That definitely ruined my after-school cartoons. Then came the advancements of personal computers which are moving towards extinction now. My first PC took up an entire corner of my room and would increase the temperature of my room by five degrees when turned on. It almost seems weird to me now juggling the three devices that run my ...... More
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