As many of you know, October is Breast Cancer Awareness

We understand that discussing Breast Cancer (any cancer) can
be morbid. And of course, if you have been affected by the decease directly or
you know someone who has or has had it, this topic can be overwhelming. 

But, we MUST speak of it. We must bring focus to Breast
Cancer (all cancers). We must find a cure, we must take preventative measures.
We must honor those affected by voicing the need for understanding and funding. 

In the last month, I have met with two very courageous
Breast Cancer ...... More
Hi there, 

My name is Kimmy. I am Wristband Nation’s happy blogger.

Recently, our hometown of Houston, TX was struck by
Hurricane Harvey.

As a Category 4, Hurricane Harvey landed in the coast of
Texas on Friday, 08/25.

From that moment, Houston and its surrounding areas (Katy,
Cypress, Richmond, etc.) had heavy continuous rain, flooding, and tornados. As
you may have seen on the news, many lost their homes, cars, businesses, even
their lives.

As of today, we are told that it may not be over yet. The heavy
rains will continue. The flooding will ...... More
February is (almost) over. However, that doesn't mean we should stop worrying/caring about heart health! The best way to take care of your heart is to:  eat healthyexercise regularlyreduce stress  Remember we only have one life to live. Don't you want to live it at your best?! As a year-long reminder to maintain your heart health, get yourself/a loved one a personalized RED wristband. For today ONLY, 20% OFF all red items! PROMO CODE: Wristband Nation is a strong supporter of healthy living and the long-term resolve for a healthy mind, ...... More
On January 15, 2015, we were contacted by Jennifer Sprague. Jennifer is currently the director of Steve’s 5K to Run Down Cancer and proud sister of Steve. In the email she relayed to us that the Race, benefiting the Wilmot Cancer Institute, is being held in honor of Steve Rettke. Steve passed away on his 30th birthday in February 2014, after a five-year fight against cancer.  First, a Wristband Nation Representative was assigned to work with Jennifer, speak with her, and learn more about the event. From there, a Donation / Discount Request was submitted. In the end, Wristband Nation was able ...... More
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